Looks that leave marks: A social experiment of Vichy Dermablend with Macom Research Lab

On november 2017 I took a flash trip to Romania. In only 3 days I wasn’t able to get to know Bucharest as much as I would have liked but I did get the chance to participate in an amazing social experiment with Vichy Dermablend.

I went there as part of the team of MaCom Research Lab (Polytechnic University of Valencia) with neuromarketing equipment to measure the emotions Vichy’s clients feel on a daily basis.

Vichy Dermablend is a high coverage makeup and skincare brand developed by L’Oréal, and the social experiment they thought grew from the idea that women with severe acne feel stress and negative emotions when they walk through the city and do their everyday tasks. Obviously, they believed that if this was true, Vichy Dermablend could help them feel better and more confident.

To prove this hipothesis we took Eye Tracking, EEG, Galvanic Skin Response, Heart Rate and Facial Coding measuring devices. The experiment was summarized on this Youtube ad (activate English subtitles!):


To know more about this and other experiments developed in collaboration with MaCom Research Lab, you can visit our web.

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