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Wether it's graphic design, strategy design
or experience design through neuromarketing, I'm here to help

I think, therefore I design. I design, therefore I exist.

I see life through design and I believe that designing memorable experiences, solid strategies, and surprising campaigns is the key to business' success. This is why I spend my time designing marketing and communication strategies as well as ads and websites. All this through the lens of neuromarketing.

What I do

Design. Design. Design.


I can’t conceive doing anything concerning a business without a clear strategy. That is why marketing is the foundation of everything I do.

Design and communication

A big plan is nothing if it is not properly executed and communicated. I have experience on graphic, editorial, web and packaging design as well as managing business communications in general.


For the first time in marketing history we can measure and manage the emotions that are generated by our actions. This is the key to staying in our clients’ memories and improving our success oportunities.


Years of experience in design and communication.


Years of experience teaching at universities in Venezuela and Spain.


MA Degrees on marketing and communication


Languages in which I can manage your content.

Latest posts

Marketing tips, projects in which I’ve participated and more.