Emotion measurement and management

I measure scientifically the emotions of consumers…

…when they are exposed to any kind os stimuli, to determine which ad, design, website or product is going to be more effective. This way, the investment risk associated to any project or action gets significantly reduced.

These are the technologies I have used for research at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and that I currently use as Head of Neuroscience Research of Sfera Business:


Electroencephalography lets us measure people’s brainwaves and translate them into basic emotions and inticators such as stress or interest, which are key factors in the process of purchase.


Galvanic Skin Response technologies let us know the level of emotional excitement of consumers. By observing and measuring micro-sweat we can know how intensly people are feeling the emotions shown by the EEG.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking technologies let us know what our consumers are seeing at every moment. This lets us determine which areas are more interesting to them and wether or not our brand is being seen.

Facial coding

These technologies detect micro-movements on facial muscles to identify what a person is feeling. This lets us recognize basic emotions (delight, sadness, anger, etc) that are generated by our brand’s actions.

I have collaborated in neuromarketing projects for the following brands

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